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Rose Tyler
19 March 2017 @ 01:19 pm
As there are many verses that seem to be mixing into one plot, I decided to try and work out who was what, and who was travelling with who.

Dark Verse/Broken Verse
Jack Harkness - torturedright
Ianto Jones - somethinginme
Rose Tyler - storms_rose
The Doctor - notsoperfect10
“Human” Doctor (Who's been made 'wrong' by Rose) – (No player)
Theta - handoften
The Master - themastereffect
Gwen Cooper – (No player)?
Owen Harper – (No player)?
Toshiko Sato – (No player)?

One Times Infinity Verse
The “blue eyed” Doctor – morethanworthit
Rose Tyler (Canon season 3) - doctors_plus_1
Jack Harkness (AU) - not_rly_jack

Rose Tyler (AU – Green eyes) – (No player)?
The Doctor (canon season 3) - (No player)?

TWNY (Torchwood New York)
Jack Harkness - cjharknesstw


Doctor perfect_ten10 and Alec alechavelock

I know there are A LOT I have missed, this is only because I’ve personally NO idea what your verse name is (if it has one) and who is in your verse. If people are willing to update me and let me know if I have missed them off or anything, then it can be a good reference point for people, and a tool to see if people will pick up missing characters.
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