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doctors_plus_1's Journal

Rose Tyler
27 April 1987
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I've got no A Levels. No job... No future. But I tell you what I have got. Gaolford Street Junior High under 7s gymnastic team. I got the bronze!
- Rose

Rose Tyler was your average nineteen year-old girl. She lived at home with her mum, Jackie, on a council estate somewhere in London; she worked as a sales assistant in a department store in the city and was going out with Mickey who is a friend of the family. Life was a cycle of getting up, going to work, eating chips, watching telly and going to bed. Rose was content with her humdrum life until that fateful evening when she encountered two out of the ordinary things; living plastic (Autons) giving her shop's mannequins murderous life and the Doctor.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Rose to accept the new world she'd been introduced to, and unlike most people in that situation didn't run screaming, she chased after the Doctor demanding to know what is going on.

Rose found herself embroiled in the Doctor's plan to save the world and even took the fact he's an alien and that his ship is bigger on the inside in her stride. She even managed to save his life within hours of meeting him. Rose is offered a choice, stay at home with Mickey and her normal life or come with the Doctor on fantastic, yet dangerous, adventures. Rose turns him down.

It seems that the Doctor isn't one to take no for an answer and comes back and gives Rose a second chance to join him. This time she said yes.

Her relationship with the Doctor is very complicated, the perfect foil for a battle-weary, emotionally scarred Doctor, Rose isn't one to run screaming from danger.
She trusts him implicitly, only 4 days after meeting him she's willing to die for him, but won't put up with any of his nonsense which can lead to some blazing rows. Their relationship is constantly changing. Sometimes they flirt like it's going out of fashion, other times he's more of a father figure to her, and she's the closest thing he's got to a best friend.

Rose has seen so much on her journeys with the Doctor; but can everything she's seen and everything she's experienced help her cope with seeing the Doctor burn before her eyes and change into someone new?

But in the end Rose realises that even though he looks different and acts different, he's still the Doctor and he still wants to show her the stars and take her to places beyond her imagination.

And he does.

But things happen over their adventures. Rose has noticed by now that the fates keep trying to split her and the Doctor up - yet they never succeed. The Doctor warns her not to wish for 'never ever'.

And of course the fates win. Earth War.

They've saved the both the worlds but they'll never be together again.

Rose is inconsolable. Time passes. Rose lives with Pete and Jackie in Pete's house and Rose is going to become a big sister when Jackie gets pregnant. After a few months she starts having a dream. It's the Doctor and he's telling her to go somewhere. She tells her parents and Mickey about this and they believe her. They travel across Europe ending up in Norway on a beach called Bad Wolf Bay.

There the Doctor is waiting for her.

They only have two minutes to make their goodbyes. Rose tells him that she's working at Torchwood now, defending the Earth. It's what she'd always done - how could she do different?

She's been declared dead on her Earth, along with Jackie.

She takes her final chance to tell the Doctor how she really feels about him and he's about to reply when the final crack of the breach closes cutting him off from her.


Bereft she runs for her mother's comfort.

Later she looks out across the sea, at a world without the Doctor. So lost and alone.

Her life will go one and she will always think about him. Always look for him.

Where I am playing her canon


"She loves him and he loves her. Simple as that. They need each other and they complete each other - he's got a mind full of time and space, she's entirely down to earth. A perfect match" - Russell T Davies.

By _sele_


Rose sometimes plays the part of the Doctor's moral conscious, trying to impose her human morality on his alien actions with varying degrees of success. She loves the adventures and the weirdness of the alien races they encounter (even having misplaced sympathy for the Daleks). But her heart belongs to one alien alone, the one who opened her eyes to this whole new universe.

Her relationship with the Doctor is very complicated. The perfect foil for a battle-weary, emotionally scarred Doctor, Rose isn't one to run screaming from danger (although she seems to be extremely jeopardy-friendly - getting herself into a number of dangerous situations, but not relying on the Doctor to get her out of them).

She trusts him implicitly, only 4 days after meeting him she's willing to die for him (if it means the world's safe), but won't put up with any of his nonsense which can lead to some blazing rows.

Rose is strong willed and very quick to anger sometimes (a trait she has gotten from her mother) and isn't afraid to give someone a piece of her mind, something she does quiet often in fact. But under it all Rose is very caring, she can be mad at a person but still worry and almost 'mother' them. She is always the first one to say she is sorry for someone and comfort them in their hardest times.

A fearless woman who seems to laugh in the face of danger, even as she runs from it, and when she does run it is more self preservation than real fear. If she can stop something, she'll have a good go. Rose might not be one of the smartest people around, education wise, but there is something worldly about her, the times with the Doctor showed her there was more to life and it gave her the drive to get off of her backside and do something and not wait for things to happen.

The side most people like about Rose is her outgoing, cheeky nature, one minute you can be having a normal conversation and the next she will flip it, and grin like a cat at you, a true lover of fun and games.

This journal will contain Adult material. Do not read if such material offends you. This is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

Legal disclaimer: Rose Tyler is from Doctor Who, and is the property of BBC. She is used for the purpose of rp; no profit made in the use of this character.